Bay Missisquoi Basin Organization

The Missisquoi Bay Watershed Agency (OBVBM) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “improve the water quality of the watershed of Missisquoi Bay Lake Champlain to recover the uses and to highlight its resources in a perspective of sustainable development “. By watershed we mean the territory draining water from the waterways to Missisquoi Bay, ie 3105 km2, 42% in Quebec and 58% in Vermont. Created under the name Corporation Bassin Versant Baie Missisquoi in 1999, the OBVBM brings together various stakeholders from the community, municipal and economic sectors who are committed to promoting community initiatives aimed at restoring lakes and streams. restore public access to their shorelines and reduce contamination of all kinds through regulation or incentive programs (see OBVBM). As a municipality concerned, Venise-en-Québec participates in OBVBM meetings.