Two (2) charging stations for electric vehicles are available in the territory of the municipality, one of them is installed at the City Hall for the needs of the municipality, the other terminal is at the office of tourist reception (250 avenue Venice West) and is available to the public and visitors.

L’acquisition de bornes de rechange électriques a été possible grâce au programme Branché au Travail du Ministère Énergie et Ressources Naturelles à l’automne 2014.


For all other information and rules to follow please visit you will find the procedure to follow for the collection of garbage and what should contain your recovery bin.

For example:

A new material to put in recycling!
coffee capsule 1833013_960_720
We are pleased to announce that Nespresso brand coffee capsules are now accepted as part of the door-to-door collection of recyclable materials.

As mentioned by Christiane Marcoux, president of Compo-Haut-Richelieu inc. “This is welcome news as coffee capsules have become very popular with coffee lovers, but most do not recycle! This is a great breakthrough with a so-called orphan material which, we believe, will help to change the tonnage of curbside recycling. ”

Citizens will only have to deposit their used capsules in a recyclable plastic bag provided by Nespresso, seal it when it is full and place it in the recycling bin. The sorting center that processes our materials will send them to 2M Ressources Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. The goal is to separate the aluminum from the capsule to recycle and upgrade the coffee mac in the form of compost.

We are pleased that the GFL sorting center is following suit to recycle this material and we hope that other treatment facilities will join this great eco-friendly initiative.

The Henryville-Venise Inter-municipal Drinking Water Supply Board RIAEPHV is a municipal public service body.

Its main mission is the production and distribution of drinking water for its member municipalities.

There are four (4) municipalities that are members of the Régie: Henryville, St-Sébastien, Venise-en-Québec and St-Georges-de-Clarenceville.

Each municipality has two representatives on the board of directors and a substitute representative. The representatives are delegated by resolution of the council of their respective municipality to sit on the board of directors of the Régie. In addition, a chair and a vice-chair are appointed annually to chair the meetings of the board of directors and to direct its deliberations. He maintains order and decorum.

Citizens who wish to close the main water entrance are invited to make an appointment for the closure by contacting City Hall and for

the water opening also. Note that your presence is essential when opening.

Closing and opening fees will be charged at a cost of $ 40

Thank you for communicating the defective lights. Repairs are made within 15 days.

If no, please contact us again at our offices

This section presents the main regulations in force in our municipality in terms of urban planning – temporary car shelters, nuisances, swimming pool, animals, peddling, municipal services pricing, etc.

OBLIGATION TO OBTAIN A PERMIT – No one may undertake any construction, repair, alteration, reconstruction, addition, modification, demolition, erection or removal of any construction, or part of a construction, whether permanent, temporary or even prefabricated without having previously obtained a building permit or certificate of authorization.

In addition, you will find the type of work that requires obtaining a permit before their completion and the procedure to follow to obtain a license.

Temporary car shelters –

Period of use: from October 15th to April 15th. After this period, any item in a temporary automobile garage must be removed.

Shelters for cars –

Location: Any automobile shelter adjoining or integrated into the main building may be erected according to the margins provided for in the schedule of uses and standards of the zone where the residence is located. Contact the Municipal Inspection Service. A license is required. The file must be presented to the Planning Advisory Committee.

Display –

Contact the Municipal Inspection Service

Animals –

Animal Regulations You must comply with the following measures:


Pick up your pet’s feces quickly and cleanly
At all times, keep the dog on a leash in public places;
The dog can not remain alone at any time;
Take the necessary measures to ensure that the animal is not found on the property of others without permission and causes damage;
Make sure your dog does not disturb the peace of others in any way;
It is forbidden to drive with a dog inside playgrounds for children and on the surface of sports facilities, such as a tennis court, located in municipal parks and playgrounds;
It is forbidden to drive with a dog, with the exception of a guide dog, in some municipal parks.
It is forbidden to be in possession of more than two dogs at a time per residence.
Dog medals

Each dog must wear a revolving identity medal every year at a cost of $ 10. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that his dog’s license complies with the regulations.


a cat’s meowing so as to disturb peace, tranquility and be a nuisance to one or more people;
the fact, for a cat, to disperse the garbage;
the fact that a cat destroys or damages private property;
for a cat, to urinate and excrement on private land other than his own. ”
Thus, it is best that you remain alert when your cat goes outside. It’s up to you to determine how you can control his whereabouts.

Wild animals

If small pests (skunks, marmots, field mice, wild cats, etc.) have taken up residence in your home, try first to keep the animals away by natural repellent means. The use of a cage to capture the animal remains the last resort.

Trees –

Contact the Municipal Inspection Service to obtain a Tree Clearance Certificate.

Noise –

Relating to nuisance and public peace – It is a nuisance to cause or to cause noise so as to disturb the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood in any manner whatsoever.

Constitutes a nuisance and is prohibited the fact of causing noise likely to disturb the peace and the well-being of the neighborhood between 22h and 7h.

Hawking – No hawking is permitted throughout the municipality. If a peddler comes to your door, do not hesitate to contact the municipal inspector 450-244-5838

Tall herbs –

Relating to nuisances.

Weeds, scrub, branches

a) To leave grass at a height of more than 20 cm on a strip thirty meters wide bordering any boundary adjacent to a lot occupied by a main building or at the foot of a public road at each following dates: June 7 – August 7 and September 30

b) To leave grass at a height greater than twenty centimeters (20 cm) on a private lot occupied by a main building

High grass on vacant ground
The fact that the owner, lessee or occupier of vacant land in a flood zone other than a cultivated field or pasture, allows to grow on this land herbs of a height greater than 30 cm.
The Municipality will carry out the same mowing work, which will be invoiced in

Regular sessions for calendar year 2018 will normally be held on Mondays and will begin at 8:00 pm on January 8, February 5, March 5, May 7,

June 4, August 6, October 1, November 5 and December 3 at 8 pm

When Monday is a public holiday, the sessions will be held on Tuesday and begin at 8:00 pm on

April 3, July 3 and September 4 and start at 8 pm

Fire Department
The fire department of Venise-en-Québec was created in 1981 and is headed by the full-time fire chief Patrick Sauriol who is in charge of the fire brigade and first responders. Fire and First Responders Team All On Call, 15 are qualified to respond to Level 1 First Responder calls.

The staff consists of a chief of operations, a captain and three lieutenants.

Through its actions, the Fire Protection Service offers citizens a professional service during fire and first responder interventions.

The fire department has 4 trucks including an ambulance for first responders, as well as a watercraft.

The fire station is located at 190, 16th Avenue West.


Mutual aid agreements for fire protection have been concluded with the municipalities of St. George of Clarenceville, Noyan, San Sebastián, Henryville, Notre-Dame-de-Standbridge, Bedford, St. Paul Île-aux-noix, St-Armand and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

The purpose of these agreements is to allow each participating municipality to request the assistance of any other participating municipality for firefighting, extrication, ice rescue and hazardous materials interventions.

For any information call 450-346-4260 extension 5650

For any emergency dial 911

Fire prevention
Prevention is a very important part of the fire risk coverage scheme. Firefighters visit residences every year to inform citizens and to ensure that regulations are respected.The fire prevention technician is responsible for inspecting the higher risks, such as businesses, institutions, accommodation. With the help of the firefighters, he participated in the evacuation exercises for daycares, centers for the elderly and took care of the intervention plans.

NIGHT PARKING – We remind you that it is forbidden to park on the public road of the entire territory of the Municipality between 23h00 and 7h00 and this from 15 NOVEMBER to 1 APRIL next This regulation is applied by the Sûreté du Québec andfines may be given to offenders. Thank you for your collaboration..

The payment dates are March 19, June 8, September 7, and December 7, 2018. The same dates apply for the rental value account.

We invite you to contact Mr. Sylvain Girard, municipal inspector for all permit applications.

All requests for expansion, renovation or construction are presented to a Planning Advisory Committee meeting every last Monday of the month